Polishing process code

Time:2022-08-24 03:37:03

1. General rules:

1. This code is a technical guidance document, and operators and inspectors must comply with it.

2. If the code needs to be changed, the technical department will revise it uniformly.

2. Production technology preparation:

1. The grinding wheel will be inspected for cracks and other defects, and it can work after idling for two minutes without abnormality.

2. Start the ventilation and dust removal equipment as required.

3. Wear protective equipment and prepare tools for application.

3. Polishing work:

1. Receive qualified blanks.

2. Grind the castings according to the process requirements, concentrate on the energy, use appropriate force, and do not over manganese to avoid accidents.

4. End of work:

1. Clean up the work site, pour the sand and dust in the dust box of the grinder and the exhaust equipment in the designated place.

2. Put the tools used for cleaning up in a proper place.

3. Go through the handover procedures and put the qualified parts into the warehouse.

Five, matters needing attention:

1. Pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound of the grinder at all times during work. If any abnormality is found, stop immediately and report to the relevant personnel for timely repair.

2. When the grinding wheel is not sharp, only use the grinding wheel knife to sharpen it.

3. When changing to a new grinding wheel, first check the grinding wheel for cracks or other defects. After the inspection is passed, the earth can be replaced. The new grinding wheel can be put into use after 5-10 minutes of idling without abnormality.

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